Welcome to Pre-K RM 121

Welcome to Pre-K! We are off to a great start to the year. The students are doing a great job learning classroom rules and expectations. This year we will be studying many topics. We have started the Beginning of the Year Study to prepare the students for learning. We will complete the Tree Unit of Study, Clothing Unit of Study, Building Unit of Study, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Unit of Study, and many more.

Parent Involvement

Our first Family Fun activity will take place in September from 2:45-3:50 pm. We would like to invite all parents to come and complete activities with your child. I will post more information on our parent board outside the classroom.

Our second Family Fun activity will take place in the spring.

Mrs. Toni Curtis

Important Dates

Up Coming Event

The Pre-K class will not meet on:
Tuesday, September 19
Wednesday, October 18
Wednesday, November 21
Friday, December 22
Tuesday, January 16
Friday, February 2
Wednesday, March 7
Thursday, April 12
Monday, May 7