Miss Wolfe's Learning Links



My name is Miss Wolfe and this is my first year teaching! I am so excited to be at Sherman this year and cannot wait to get to know more of the wonderful kids and families who are apart of the Sherman community. I am originally from Minneapolis Minnesota and moved to Nebraska in 2008 to attend college. I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2013. I have many different experiences working with kids such as AmeriCorps, Boys and Girls Club and Girls Inc. This past spring I graduated with my masters in Education and could not be more excited to be a teacher! I have an exciting year coming up with much to look forward to such as getting married next July and my first year of teaching! I love playing with my two cats, traveling, spending time with family and friends and painting.


 Below is a list of some things we will be learning throughout the year!

  • Reading and Writing
    • Letter sounds
    • How to write our letters
    • Using sounds to write words, sentences and stories
    • Author's purpose in different types of stories: Narrative, Informative, and Informative-Narrative
  • Math
    • Counting to 20 and beyond
    • Shapes
    • Adding and subtracting to 10
    • Number sense
  • Social Studies
    • How to be a good citizen at school
    • Community and and where we live
    • Families
  • Science
    • How to be a scientist
    • Parents and their offsprings
    • Living and non-living
    • Seasons
    • Motion

These are some of the main themes we will be learning through out the year!


8:35-8:55 Breakfast & activity on the rug

8:55-9:15 Calendar

9:15-10:05 Reading

10:05-10:20 Writing

10:20-10:35 Recess

10:35-11:50 Reading

11:50-12:25 Lunch

12:25-12:55 Centers

12:55-1:25 Social Studies or Science

1:25-1:40 Writing

1:40-2:30 Specials

2:30-2:45 Writing continued

2:45-4:00 Math

4:05 Dismissal

Cycle Day 1: Music

Cycle Day 2: Library

Cycle Day 3: Art

Cycle Day 4: P.E.

Cycle Day 5: Library

Cycle Day 6: Music

Cycle Day 7: Library

Cycle Day 8: Art

Cycle Day 9: P.E

Cylcle Day 10: Guidance